Victim of Carjacking in Oakland Park Remains Hospitalized

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Sixty-three year old resident of Oakland Park, Maria Ouveryney, immigrated from Brazil to the United States over thirty years ago. Ouveryney cleaned homes for a living and enjoyed being a part of the City of Oakland Park’s feral cat program. Each night after work she would go to McDonald’s on the corner of Oakland Park Blvd and NW 31st Ave to feed a colony of feral cats. She worked hard and lived a simple, low-key and safe life until last week when she was violently beaten and carjacked.  

According to a person close to Ouveryney, she had seen the suspect, Antonino Santo Romano, at the McDonalds before the incident on January 17, 2021. That Sunday at around 7pm as she was getting ready to leave to McDonald’s to head home, 28 year old Antonino Santo Romano violently hit Ouveryney over the head with something. Ouveryney does not know what she was hit with. All she know is that she immediately fainted and when she woke up she was in front of the McDonald’s being aided by paramedics. Police had already arrived on the scene as well. 

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Ouveryney Is Hospitalized

Ouveryney was transported to the hospital where she was treated for severe injuries. She has broken bones in her face and is unable to talk or stand or walk properly. Doctors are waiting for the swelling in her face to go down to be able to perform surgery on the broken bones in her face. An MRI revealed that there was no bleeding in her brain although her normal functioning in impaired. Doctors anticipate Ouveryney will remain in the hospital for at least three weeks, perhaps more.

Firefighters Step Up to Help Ouveryney

According to Linda McFarlane from Oakland Park Fire Rescue and who is charge of the City’s Feral Cat Program, the Firefighter’s Benevolent Association is going to donate funds to Ouveryney’s GoFundMe account. They have also volunteered to help her with any chores she may need done around her home. 

GoFundMe for Ouveryney

Ouveryney, better known as Salete by her friends and family, has been a friend of my family’s for nearly as long as she has lived in the United States. She is a kind and gentle soul, always willing to help a person or animals in need. This crime has severely impacted her ability to pay her regular living expenses, not to mention her hospital bills. She is going to need financial assistance until she can fully recover and begin working again. Any money you can contribute, I assure you will be going to a wonderful person who truly deserves a helping hand at this time. 

To contribute to Ouveryney’s recovery fund, click here.

Suspect Apprehended

Antonino Santo Romano violently attacked Ouveryney and stole her car.

Ouveryney’s car, a Mazda 3, was found abandoned in Lauderhill. Just three days after the carjacking on January 20th, Romano was apprehended in St. Lucie County. Broward County Sheriff is working with St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office where Romano is currently been detained. Roman has been charged with one count of attempted felony murder and one count of carjacking without a firearm or weapon. 

According to BSO Lt. Feeley, Romano will be back in Broward County in about two weeks after he is formally extradited from St. Lucie County. He will appear in front of a judge to be arraigned and charged for crime. Feeley further commented that the case against Romano is very strong. 

While it is certainly a relief for Ouveryney that Romano has been apprehended, how many years he will be spend in prison for this crime remains to be seen. 

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Pedestrian Killed In Crash In Oakland Park

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Pedestrian Struck

On Friday January 8, 2021 at around 8:45pm, an unnamed  pedestrian died after being hit by a car at the intersection of NW 38th Street and Powerline Road. 

Insurance agent writing report on clipboard after car accident
Stock photo

The preliminary investigation by Broward Sheriff’s Office indicates that the pedestrian was walking westbound near the intersection and got into the path of silver 2002 Honda Civic. Herman Mantock, who was driving the Civic, was traveling southbound in the right thru lane of NW 38th St and Powerline Road. 

After Mantock struck the victim he pulled into a parking lot south of where the incident occurred. Mantock was not hurt and he cooperated fully with authorities during the preliminary investigation. 

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Police car on the street
Stock Photo

After being struck, the pedestrian landed in the southwest corner of the intersection where the incident occurred.   

BSO deputies and Oakland Park Fire Rescue  responded to the scene. They determined the victim was deceased and pronounced him dead on scene.  The victim’s identity has not yet been released, pending the notification of next-of-kin. 

BSO continues to investigate the incident. Living In Oakland Park will bring you more information as it become available.

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Alleged Murder-Suicide in Tamarac Leaves Three Children Orphaned

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By Désirée Ávila |

When you walk up the aisle and say til death do us part, the last thing you think will happen is that the person to whom you are pledging your love and dedication will actually be the person who kills you. This all too common nightmare of a domestic murder-suicide occurred in Oakland Park’s neighboring City of Tamarac.  39 year old male Clody Sylverne, now deceased, is suspected of having killed his wife and the mother of his three children as well as his mother-in-law last night, December 12, 2020. Both of the deceased women’s names are being withheld. 

Alleged Murder-Suicide in Tamarac Leaves Three Children Orphaned

BSO responded to a call that came in at 7:14AM. When they arrived at 9701 NW 83rd St in Tamarac, deputies proceeded to establish a perimeter and rescue the three children, now orphans inside. Through a bedroom window deputies pulled the children of 4, 8 and 11 years old out of a window. They were assessed for physical injuries and taken to a safe location.

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Three People Pronounced Dead

SWAT entered the residence where they found Sylverne. It is not clear if he was already deceased when they entered. Living In Oakland Park is working on finding out more details regarding his death. One of the women was treated and transported by air to North Broward Health and was later pronounced dead. 

BSO detectives are still investigating the cause of the murders. Living In Oakland Park has inquired about the children and who is taking care of them since they lost both of their parents and a grandmother yesterday. We will publish any information about how you can help them so please stay tuned to for more details.

Update 12/14/2020 – The children have been reunited with family. No information has been furnished regarding any fundraisers. 

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Oakland Park Family Loses Everything in Fire

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By Rhiannon Samoyedny |

On November 30th, 2020, Kelli and Stephen, who just moved all of their worldly possessions into a new apartment in Oakland Park, came home to ruins. While Kelli was picking up one of her two daughters from daycare, her husband and mother-in-law phoned her to tell her news no one wants to hear. There had been a fire and nothing was left.

Family Loses Everything in Fire

The couple had recently fallen on hard times. They had saved for months to come up with first, last, and security and struggled to find an apartment amidst a pandemic that had many landlords leery of new renters not to mention the lack of rental apartments. It was no easy feat, but they were happy for the new beginning and excited to be close to their girls’, who are just six and seven years old, schools.

On the day they moved all of their possessions out of storage into the apartment, they lost it all. The day that was supposed to be a new beginning went up in flames. 

On the way back home, Stephen phoned Kelli to let her know there was nothing left. Their family pictures, their furniture, their daughters’ teddy bears. All of it was gone. In the midst of their loss, they never imagined what was to come.

Good Should Come Together to Help

That’s when the Oakland Park Fire Rescue Benevolent Association, Battalion Chief Monica Maldonado, and Fire Chief Stephen Krivjanik stepped in to help the family. The whole department, touched by the family’s circumstances, came together. In conjunction with the Red Cross’s help, they were able to find a small but suitable temporary apartment. The Oakland Park Benevolent Association has been donating their time with support, such as painting and cleaning the new apartment.

“They don’t have to do anything they are doing”, Kelli stated. “My girls are sleeping with teddy bears that the fireman’s wives have donated. I just want to thank them for all they have done for us”.

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Trying to Make Things Work

While the new apartment is suitable for the time being, the family is in need. The landlord, Henry Louis, who rented the apartment where the fire occurred has refused to refund any of the family’s money. Living in Oakland Park tried to reach Louis at a number that was provided for him. When a man answered the call from Living In Oakland Park he denied being Henry Louis and promptly hung up the phone. 

GoFundMe For the Family

The Oakland Park Fire Department has started a GoFundMe in their honor, which you can find here: For transparency, all items purchased with the money will be photographed and posted.

More Needed Items

The holidays can be a particularly stressful time for families, especially during a pandemic. The City of Oakland Park’s Fire’s Department is embracing the holiday spirit and helping this family in need but you can help too!

The small space a family of four is living in.

How You Can Help!

Should you wish to donate a tangible item, the new apartment lacks space; they could use a new daybed with a trundle for the girls. Please consider donating new as in this time of the pandemic, and it is not necessarily safe or sanitary to donate used beds or bedding.

They also need clothes for the both of the girls and the parents. 

The girls wear sizes 7 and 10 for clothes and shoes sizes 12 and 13 (girls sizes).

The mother is large in shirts, pants 7-11 and 7.5 in shoes.

The father is large in shirts, 38×32  in pants and size 10 shoes.

If you have a trundle bed or any other items for this family, please drop them off at Oakland Park Fire Station #87 at 2100 NW 39th St. Please reach out to Firefighter Ryan Snyder at if you have any additional questions. 

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Body Found in Oakland Park

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At 11:41 am today BSO received a call regarding a body found at the corner of NW 21st Ave and Prospect Rd. More specifically on the northwest corner of the houses in Eastland Cove just east of the new Oak Tree development. Several police responded to the scene and remained there for at least 2 hours. 

The body was removed and placed in a white  van just before 2:00pm. According to BSO no foul play is suspected. Homicide detectives and Crime Scene investigators do however have an on-going investigation. There are no further details at the moment from BSO but once they are available we will publish them here on

Visit our Facebook Group to see live video at the scene. 

Police loaded the body into a white van.

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